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Between tradition, gastronomy, and art – our complete guide

Visit Alta Langa with our complete guide. Read tips to find the best restaurants like Cesare in Albaretto Torre, the open-air art of Bergolo, and the delights of Cascina Azii in Feisoglio. Everything you need to know for an unforgettable visit amidst history, culture, and unique flavors.

Albaretto Torre

It’s difficult, very difficult, but if you manage to book a table at Cesare , Cesare Giaccone…like James Bond! Today it’s easy to tell the poetry of noble wines and renowned cuisine, but none of what is now Langa would have existed without him, the gruff but authentic trailblazer. Since 1981, when he finally returned home after a thousand experiences and torments, his fame has become as solid as stone, his name a legend.


We have already talked about it extensively. But I’ll give you two tips here as well! If you want to buy hazelnuts, a stone’s throw from Cascina Facelli, you will find the Azienda Agricola Casa vecchia.

If you want to eat not just well, but very well!… Drogheria di Langa is the place for you: excellent wine list, unparalleled kindness, carefully prepared but genuine food, and, to top it off, an environment attentive to the smallest details, a small jewel in the center of the town

The village dairy, Cascina Abate,

will amaze you with its excellent cheeses! Bring a cooler bag, they even vacuum pack them for you 😉


The “stone village”! All the houses have been restored using sandstone and even the asphalt has been replaced. It is a true open-air contemporary art gallery the village, in fact, boasts dozens of artworks left by artists on the facades of buildings and in the most hidden and evocative corners. It is the smallest municipality in Italy to earn the orange flag, a tourist-environmental quality recognition awarded by the Italian Touring Club. The renaissance occurred around 1970 and was a real gamble. Surely the characteristic tenacity of the old “Langhetti” made it a major tourist destination. Bergolo is also part of the Authentic Villages of Italy, a network of 10 municipalities that have decided to make themselves known and appreciated for their environmental sustainability policies. Do not miss two historical-artistic testimonies of particular importance: the Romanesque chapel of San Sebastiano (12th century) and the parish church (17th century).

The Romanesque Chapel of San Sebastiano, located in the cemetery, is also worth a visit! It is a place of extraordinary scenic beauty.

A highly evocative panoramic space is the “Ezra Pound Memorial”, established in 2003, Nine stones painted by artist Beppe Schiavetta, in a green meadow, bounded, chase each other in memory of the poet.


If during your wanderings you pass by here, stop at Cascina Azii You will throw away your suitcases and fill your trunk with their handcrafted hazelnut-based sweets.


Also known as Monte delle Barche: from here, from the Summit of the Langhe, on clear days you can see the Ligurian Sea, an incredible view! It was once protected by high walls, of which a medieval arch from the 14th century remains, but it still retains one of the most interesting historic centers of Alta Langa. Take a walk through the streets of the village, paved with red bricks, to discover sundials, many characteristic corners, and chimneys with strange shapes.


it is one of the main centers of Alta Langa. The altitude at which it stands (739 meters), the proximity of the, the grassy lands that surround it give the town a mountainous air that distinguishes it from other nearby centers. The town is dominated by a medieval tower from 1300, once certainly connected to the castle. The main street leads to the square surrounded by arcades and at the end of it stands the façade of the parish church of San Lorenzo, enriched by the 14th-century bell tower. Of artistic interest is also the sanctuary of the Madonna di Hai, erected in the first half of the 17th century.

For edible souvenirs, don’t miss the Chiesa family’s dairy. in Murazzano, it is truly a magical place and in every cheese you taste, you will feel the passion of this family that raises the “Murazzano sheep”, a native breed, solely responsible for Murazzano DOP Cheese.

Serravalle Langhe

there are two restaurants I recommend: La Coccinella,

slow food presidium, meticulously curated room, excellent wines, and a bit of revisitation in the tradition; and Trattoria Belvedere: home cooking on your plate in a small village with a breathtaking view.

Until next time!