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An Artistic and Scenic Experience in the Heart of Langhe

In the green and vibrant heart of Piedmont, nestled among the unspoiled hills of the Langhe, stand the Giant Benches, public art installations that offer a privileged perspective on the region’s wine landscapes and more.

They were created in 2010 by Chris Bangle, a famous automotive designer and former chief designer of BMW. These benches are much more than just seats: they are invitations to reflect, reconnect with nature, and discover the territory with the amazed eyes of a child.

At Cascina Facelli, we love them because they encourage tourists to adopt a “slow” vision, to “take it easy,” and to enjoy the moment, a concept that we try to rediscover daily in our bed and breakfast.

Chris Bangle’s idea of creating the giant benches is as simple as it is revolutionary: transforming the act of sitting into an immersive experience that allows one to “become small” in the face of the imposing Langhe landscape. It’s like David looking at Goliath with respect and attention. The project, called the Big Bench Community Project,, started with the installation of the first giant bench in Clavesana. Since then, it has seen a dizzying expansion, including over 200 benches spread across Italy and other parts of the world.

The giant benches are built in strategic locations that offer spectacular views: from Monforte d’Alba to Serralunga, from Barolo to Novello. Each one is a work of art in itself, characterized by bright colors and imposing dimensions, transforming each stop into a moment of pure visual and spiritual enjoyment, and promoting a mix of art and sustainable tourism. Believe me! Even those used to rushing through traffic and commitments will find a moment of peace for the Soul.

These installations not only enrich the cultural landscape of the Langhe but also promote more reflective tourism. They are far from the most beaten tourist circuits and invite you to look and “see” lesser-known corners of the region; an excellent way to stimulate the local economy and enhance the territory, a system fully appreciated by the people of Langhe who have always insisted on NOT having a highway in their beloved land. In short, those who come here are obliged to learn the ancient art of patience!


The giant benches are not limited to Monforte d’Alba, Dogliani, and Serralunga d’Alba, but are distributed in various municipalities of the Langhe, making each visit a continuous discovery. Some of the other locations where you can find these fascinating installations include:

La Morra

this charming town is famous for its vineyards and breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. Sitting on its giant bench offers a breathtaking view of the Langhe.


its giant bench will be very useful for taking reflective breaks between tastings…


a small characteristic village known for wine production but also for olive oil. From here you will enjoy the quiet rural landscape.


another enchanting location in the Langhe, famous for its castle and fine wines. Here you will find peace and beauty.

And now…boom! Don’t forget bench number 216 (inaugurated in 2022), just a stone’s throw from us, at Cascina Facelli in Bossolasco!! You will find it on Strada Galli, on the Hill of the Resistance, imbued with all its historical significance.

For those who wish to discover these wonders, there are several options:

By car: the Langhe are easily accessible by car from nearby cities such as Alba, Asti, and Cuneo.

Public transport: you can reach Alba or Asti by train and continue by local buses.

Guided tours: numerous agencies offer fascinating tours of the Langhe that include visits to these benches.

If I had to choose for you, I would say car or motorcycle! Every corner of the Langhe is amazing and every curve is a postcard!

The giant benches continue to multiply, each new installation adding to the artistic and cultural landscape of the Langhe. Chris Bangle dreams of extending the concept of benches to more complex contexts, imagining, for example, a “Peace Bench” in areas of the world where serenity is more than necessary.

Visiting the giant benches of the Langhe is a way to admire the beauty of this land in a way that will change you, and it is also an opportunity to experience something unique that will remain in your heart and mind. You could be the next lucky ones to sit on one of these majestic creations, looking at the world from a new, surprising perspective.