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Discover Bossolasco: “The Pearl of the Langhe”

Nestled in the fascinating hills of Alta Langa, in the heart of Piedmont, lies Bossolasco, a village rich in charm and history, known as the “Pearl of the Langhe” or the “Town of Roses”. Come visit the wonders of Bossolasco, from its medieval history to the fairy-tale landscapes that attract visitors from all over the world every year.

History and Heritage

The history of Bossolasco dates back to the Middle Ages when it was a crossing point for pilgrims and merchants. Its historical roots can be seen in the perfectly preserved architectures and traditions that continue to live thanks to the commitment of the local community. The village is a real web of cobblestone alleys, ancient churches, and stone houses that tell a millennia-old story.

The Town of Roses

Bossolasco is certainly distinguished for its historical heritage, but also for its extraordinary natural beauty. It is nicknamed the “Town of Roses” for its streets and squares adorned with roses of various species, which bloom fragrantly from May to July, creating a true festival of colors and scents. This has given life to an annual festival, “The Festival of Roses”, which celebrates its beauty and variety, attracting gardening enthusiasts, photographers, and artists from everywhere.

Attractions and Activities

Bossolasco offers activities for all tastes: from hiking enthusiasts who can explore the trails that wind through vineyards, hazelnut groves, and woods, to those who wish to taste the local typical products such as cheeses, truffles, and fine wines. The “Alba Truffle Fair”, in particular, is a must-see event that celebrates one of the culinary symbols of the region.

Local Gastronomy

The cuisine of Bossolasco reflects the richness of the land with dishes ranging from tajarin with sausage ragù to spoon desserts based on hazelnuts. The village’s restaurants offer menus that are a journey to discover the authentic flavors of the Langhe, always accompanied by a selection of local wines that enhance every dish.

Have lunch or dinner at the “Drogheria di Langa”, a jewel in the town. The kindness, the decor, the attention to ingredients, and the wine list make it a Must Do.

Staying in Bossolasco

What can we say! Obviously 😊 staying at Cascina Facelli is the ideal choice! This ancient farmhouse, carefully renovated and attentive to detail, is located a few minutes from Bossolasco and offers a warm welcome in a designer setting. With only three exclusive suites, it ensures absolute tranquility and a breathtaking view of the Langhe hills. Book your stay at Cascina Facelli now and let yourself be enveloped by the timeless charm of Bossolasco and its wonders.

Bossolasco is a jewel of Piedmont that deserves to be discovered. Whether you’re looking for history, nature, or excellent gastronomy, Bossolasco offers an unforgettable experience.

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