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At the border between sky and earth lies Alta Langa, a border region between the provinces of Cuneo, Asti, and Alessandria, a region suspended between 600 and 900 meters of altitude, where the majesty of the Alps meets the harmony of the hills. Here, the fusion of nature, culture, and centuries-old tradition offers a glimpse of authentic and untouched Piedmontese life. The hills of Alta Langa can be considered a still little-known territory, but always of great impact. It is the “Other Langa,” a place where the altitude marks the transition from the rows of vines of great wines to hazelnut groves, pastures, and wooded areas that smell of the sea breeze in a succession of ideal itineraries for slow tourism.

On these hills stretching towards Liguria, there is an authentic and enjoyable territory in every season: cool and breezy in summer thanks to the “Marin” (a wind from Liguria), covered in snow in winter, and colored by the warm hues of the foliage in autumn.

However, man has not given up on cultivating vines and, with much hard work (typical of this land), has built dry stone walls: the terraces are a powerful testimony of this.

With stones recovered in laborious paths from the rivers, they built warm and welcoming stone houses that are the pride of rural architecture.

Enchanting and endless panoramas take you through its valleys and invite you to look up where small villages dominate the infinity with their towers and fortresses; in the background, the Alps!

Whatever route you decide to take, Alta Langa is a natural amphitheater dotted with entire stone hamlets brightened by the red of the roof tiles.

Not yet beaten by mass tourism, Alta Langa is the ideal place for stays in nature, greenery, and relaxation, and definitely invites slow and reflective tourism.

Every community contributes to the biodiversity and cultural richness of the Union, creating a unique matrix of stories and landscapes.

One of the most interesting projects highlighting the sustainability of the Unione Montana dell’Alta Langa is certainly “BlossomingCities,” where the focus is on protecting pollinators, the guardian angels of biodiversity and pillars of agricultural production.

Consider that 75% of the world’s major food crops and 85% of wild plants depend on insect pollinators! As we all know, many pollinator species are undergoing drastic declines, and the loss and degradation of natural habitats are just some of the factors of this decline; urbanization and the lack of green areas are considered one of the main threats. Among the project’s partners: the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the Institute for the Promotion and Certification of Agri-Food Products, the Center for Research and Technology in Aragon, and the University of Daugavpils.

Alta Langa, with its invaluable heritage of nature, culture, and tradition, will lead you to explore it with the same slowness with which it has evolved. It is an invitation to rediscover, among its villages and landscapes, that human and earthly connection that daily noise tends to make us forget. If you seek an experience that nourishes the soul and awakens the senses, Alta Langa is waiting to be discovered!