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About us

Find out what they say about us and our products, who knew us or even just for one night, passed by here.


When our friends at Future Food-Tech welcomed us in the amazing global community of the Summits, we asked ourselves : WHAT DO WE WANT TO SAY FROM ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT STAGES IN GLOBAL FOOD INNOVATION?

The usual commercial pitch about our products and services? Of course, we are in business for a reason!

However, a sense of deeper responsibility was pressing us to consider a different approach.

Enters #Orterre : a journey to discover how contemporary applied neuroscience can predict the success of future food products, helping them becoming the new staples in a more sustainable food system.

The NYC JUNE EVENT will see Mario Ubiali, Jose Daniel Guerrero of ANIMA project and Víctor Conversa Martínez present a radically different approach to how a food experience and medium is designed, basing on human brain response to food, specifically in fine dining experiences, and with a brave approach to mixing different disciplines.

There’s a lot of discussion around making the food experience “holistic”: to us, this means “multidisciplinary”. Hence, the journey to Future Food-Tech summits begins… taking the first step! We will talk about our technology in March, in SF… then show what we can do with it… in June, in NYC.

In episode 1 of ORTERRE, we start unveiling the thinking behind this exciting project. Follow us on LinkedIn and other social media, as next episodes will reveal more of this incredible challenge.

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