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The Michelite Way and its sanctuaries dedicated to Saint Michael the Archangel.

Welcome to this journey to the roots of spirituality! Yes, Piemonte offers this too! The protagonist of this path is Saint Michael the Archangel and the line that can be traced through terrestrial alignments that match with majestic sacred structures rising from the rock.

The sacred line was inflicted, according to legend, by the sword strike with which Michael sent the Devil back to hell. From that moment, Saint Michael was recognized by all religions and represents the warrior symbol of Christian faith.

The “Michelite Way,” or Way of the Angel, represents an ancient and mysterious pilgrimage route that cuts across Europe. There are seven sanctuaries that are part of it, all perched and embedded in the rock, as if they were an integral part of it: starting from Ireland with Skelling Michael, then St. Michael’s Mount in Great Britain, Mont Saint Michel in France, the Sacra in Piemonte, San Michele in Puglia, the Monastery of Saint Michael in Greece, and the Monastery of Mount Carmel in Israel. These places, often inaccessible and built on steep rocky promontories, are said to have been chosen by the Archangel for their proximity to the sky, thus symbolizing a direct connection with the Divine.

Saint Michael is described as a Metatron, a celestial being who acts as the supreme overseer of God’s thoughts, leading the fight against evil and guarding the heavenly gates. This role explains the preference for elevated places, where the sky seems almost within reach, reinforcing his divine nature and celestial mission.

One of the most fascinating sanctuaries dedicated to Saint Michael is certainly the Sacra in Val di Susa, which appears like a dreamlike vision rising directly from the pages of legend. The Sacra of Saint Michael is one of the most suggestive and spiritual places in Italy, positioned on top of Mount Pirchiriano, dominating the Val di Susa with its imposing presence.

The construction of this truly majestic hermitage is shrouded in mystery: it is said that after working hard to build a small church, Saint John Vincent found that the collected material was mysteriously transported to the other side of the valley by angels, an undeniable sign of the divine consecration of the place.

The architecture of the Sacra is a fascinating mix of Romanesque, Gothic, and Baroque styles, testifying to its long history and the various phases of construction and expansion. Inside the church, you can admire medieval frescoes, sculptures, and sacred artworks that narrate the history and devotion linked to Saint Michael.

Millions of pilgrims travel the Michelite Way, abandoning daily certainties to rediscover themselves in a journey of inner discovery, and I recommend the same to you, even if you have your certainties, even if you feel at peace with the world. Try to go and, upon reaching it, you will be immediately challenged by the “Stairway of the Dead,” a steep path symbolizing the difficulties and challenges of life.

You will see that it will not only be a physical stop but also a spiritual one, inviting you to deep introspection and intimate transformation.

The Sacra of Saint Michael is a place of peace, reflection, and prayer, where visitors, including yourselves, can find serenity and inspiration. Its panoramic position also offers a breathtaking view of the valley below, adding another element of beauty to this unique place.

To reach the Sacra of Saint Michael from Milan-Malpensa airport, take the A4 motorway towards Turin and then continue along the A32 motorway towards Bardonecchia. Take the Avigliana Ovest exit and follow the signs for the Sacra of Saint Michael.

If traveling by car from Turin, take the A32 motorway towards Bardonecchia and follow the signs for Avigliana Ovest, then continue towards the Sacra.