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Who are we discussing? Ermanno Gnecco Oliva born in Savona in 1981.

He produces artefacts with a very particular design starting from strictly recycled materials, giving new life to objects that are now obsolete and seemingly unusable. The genius of this artist lies in this, in revisiting the old and transforming it into something new and particular.

Imagination can make a room unique


Furnishing a room does not only mean distorting and modernising but, for GOėArt, it predominantly means maintaining the personality of the location whilst rendering it comfortable and beautiful.

Stone, wood, iron and fire are the 4 elements that render GOėArt unique.


Green is a demanding theme and knowing how to face it with a touch of irony and a dash of genius, as is the custom of Ermanno, makes it almost fun.

Thinking green is not enough – one must also do Green, being almost a duty in helping to save the planet.